Nebraska Coach Bill Callahan Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska 56, Nicholls State 7
Saturday, Sept. 9, 2006
Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Neb.

Opening Statement
“That was a great game for our team today. I'm really proud of our players and coaches and the way they focused and prepared throughout the week. We came off to a very fast start. I was extremely pleased with the way we began the game. It's an objective of ours to go out and play well in that first quarter, and I thought we certainly accomplished that objective.

"I'm proud of our offense. I thought we played efficiently today. We got a lot of good work in today; a lot of young players played, got on the field and saw a lot of time, and I'm really proud of the way we protected the football. I thought that showed good focus and concentration throughout the day, and that was a major goal of ours -- not turning the ball over, with the exception of the one punt that hit (Todd) Peterson in the late part of the game.

"I'm looking forward to this week's challenge against (Southern California). They're a team that we respect and are looking forward to playing. They're one of the best teams in college football, so this should be an excellent challenge for our football team."

On Nebraska only being able to defend against the run
"Defensively, the only down side is that when you play an option team is that you're not going to get a lot of work in terms of the ball being thrown. There were only three pass attempts, so we really didn't get a chance or an opportunity to evaluate pass coverage because of the style of the attack we were defending. I thought our safeties played well. (Andrew) Shanle and Tierre Green did a wonderful job coming down and defending the option from the back side, so my hat goes off to the defensive guys for doing a very good job and shutting down the option attack and a one-dimensional offense that could cause problems for you if you're not prepared and sound in your schematics."

On senior quarterback Zac Taylor's passing day in poor weather conditions
"I thought Zac was very efficient. We just wanted to grind it out. This type of game was played in some conditions that we might possibly play in in the later part of the year, so that was a good weather game for us. With a bad weather day, handling the ball, throwing it, protecting, running the ball and having the great ball security we had, I came away really pleased from that."

On the use of multiple I-backs
"We lean on everybody. We feature them the way we feel that features their strengths and skills. We played Marlon (Lucky) and Brandon (Jackson), and you saw Kenny (Wilson) a little bit more. I thought Kenny flashed brilliantly at times. He's an explosive guy and he has tremendous speed. When he gets on the perimeter, he's capable of scoring. Of course, Cody (Glenn) is just a hard-nosed, in-between-the-tackles runner, so they all have their different styles and strengths. You try to work to that end to balance up the attack so we don't become so one-dimensional when those particular players are in the game."

On sophomore I-back Marlon Lucky
"I really enjoyed watching Marlon. He hits those runs, and he's getting a good feel for the offense and the running attack. I think, from what I saw today, that he's setting his blocks better. His course set the blocks for those linemen's blocks today."

On junior wide receiver Maurice Purify
"We gave him more reps in some of the heavy sets, and there were a couple of times that he, (Matt) Herian, (Josh) Mueller and (J.B.) Phillips were on the field at one time and they spread out. That's a good crowd; that's a bunch of trees out there. It gave us the size that we wanted to get when we pushed the ball down the field and we isolated them and came up with a big play. We're trying to get him blended into the offense, get him some experience and confidence and allow him to make some plays where he can build that confidence."

On junior center Brett Byford
"I thought he played well. I thought the snaps and the exchanges were excellent, whether it was out of the gun or whether it was from underneath. The communication was very good."


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