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Maurice Purify hauled in a 42-yard scoring pass for his first career touchdown against Nicholls State.
Maurice Purify hauled in a 42-yard scoring pass for his first career touchdown against Nicholls State.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska 56, Nicholls State 7
Saturday, Sept. 9, 2006
Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Neb.

Quarterback Zac Taylor
On how long he played today
"The coaches let me keep thinking I would stay in the game.  They wanted to make sure we had the game in hand."

On facing USC next Saturday
"We haven't watched film on them yet, honestly.  They are a great team."

On the team improving from last year
"We are more confident and sure of ourselves.  Last year, we didn't really know what we were doing so we just tried to make plays.  Now we know we can score points."

On Marlon Lucky
"Marlon's doing a great job.  He is playing faster than last year.  You can really see it in the passing game.  He knows what he's doing out there."

On ball distribution
"Sometimes it just happens.  The coverage tells you who will get open.  Our guys then will run clean routes and because of that the defense won't know who'll get the ball."

On center Brett Byford
"He just gets better everyday.  He did a great job of stepping in where Kurt (Mann) left off."

I-Back Marlon Lucky
On getting more carries
"I was in a groove. The offensive line was blocking awesome and I took it from there."

On going back to Los Angeles for next weekend's matchup with USC
"I will just take practice one day at a time.  I am excited but nothing too big."

On difference from last year to this year
"I got into the playbook more and just got used to it.  I put on some pounds and am more physical.  I just kept pounding the rock."

Linebacker Stewart Bradley
On the defense
"Other than the big play I was happy with how we played.  We gave them some yards becuase of our mistakes."

On preparing for USC
"It's still just tackling and blocking.  This game gave everyone a chance to make takcles.  Open field tackling is all about confidence.  Solid tackling in a game is different from scrimmage.  We haven't watched their film yet but they run the same offense as we do, so that should help."

On taking it one game at a time
"We have been focused on one game at a time. To be a succesful team, we have to take it one game at a time." 

On playing in the rain
"Some guys were saying they had never played in the rain before.  It was good to do this early in the season.  The rain changes the pace of the game."

On the defensive depth
"It's amazing how fresh I feel.  I used to feel like a 70-year-old man after games last year.  The guys are really close right now.  We all see the depth and the guys making plays and it just adds to the camaraderie."

Fullback Dane Todd
On being called "Coach Todd" by the Nebraska I-Backs
"Coach (Randy) Jordan just always has called me that this season so it's stuck with the I-backs.  I assume it's just because I know what's going on.  I'm not afraid to tell them when they make a mistake and they aren't afraid to tell me.  It could go for any one of us at this point."

On his touchdown catch
"It was kind of a belly catch.  It's taken me about five years to get a touchdown finally.  It was something that Zac (Taylor) wanted to get me by the end of the year.  I was a little surprised.  I figured we'd run the ball down there like we normally do, but I'm happy I got it.  It happens so infrequently that I can't imagine anyone is every prepared for it."

On his blocking
"That's what I came here to do in the first place.  I came here as a blocking fullback and it just so happens that every now and then they throw me a ball."

On his improvement from last season
"I feel like I've improved.  I've added a little bit of weight and some strength through the strength and conditioning program here and it's really helped.  My reads are better and I'm just quicker out there on the field."

On blocking for Nebraska's variety of I-Backs
"I block the same on every single play.  I count on these guys to make plays.  That's what they came here to do.  My blocking doesn't affect their running.  I count on them to make big plays for me.  They all run hard, they all make plays, they are all big, strong guys."

Wide Receiver Maurice Purify
On playing USC

"It's going to be really exciting.  It's going to be real good to be back there.  A lot of my family is going to be there and it's going to be a lot of fun.  I just want to get into the game and get a lot of catches and a lot of touchdowns."

On Quarterback Zac Taylor's accuracy
"He's always accurate.  He pretty much always has us in the right plays and always reads the plays right.  He's always pretty accurate."

On how far he has improved since coming to Nebraska
"I've come real far.  I use to leave the huddle and not really know what I was supposed to do, but now I leave it and I know what I'm doing when I'm in.  I'm getting more and more involved every week.  They put me in a few more plays every week and a couple more formations."

On his touchdown
"When I was lining up, I could hear Coach (Ted) Gilmore saying 'Run his technique down.  Run his technique down.' So I ran his technique down and then faded out and got over the top of him.  The ball was a little short, but it got over his hands so it was high enough for me to get to, so I just caught it and walked it in."

Tight End Matt Herian
On the offense's performance
"We came out right away and started off fast.  That's one of our goals for every game.  We kind of started off slow last week and this week we came out the first couple drives and scored both times.  So we're pretty happy with that and we've just got to keep it going."

On the magnitude of Nebraska's game against USC
"Every game is a big game.  Every week we come out and play we have to get better.  This game today was a big game and next week will be another big game as well."


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