Nicholls State Player Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications
Nebraska forced three turnovers against Nicholls State and did not allow a completed pass.
Nebraska forced three turnovers against Nicholls State and did not allow a completed pass.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska 56, Nicholls State 7
Saturday, Sept. 9, 2006
Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Neb.

Defensive Back Toney Edison
On the problems that Nebraska's style of play caused
“Well as you know, Nebraska does a lot of shifting.  And once we get one of the outfield calls and we're sent to that side, then they'll go ahead and shift out again and it makes it difficult for all our guys like for our linebackers to adjust.  And then they run a little slant routes and out routes, that was kind of hard for us to contain.  We had a lot of third and eight, third and seven, and we couldn't get them off the field so that was one of our biggest problems."

On missing opportunities to make key stops
"Well just like I just mentioned, we made a couple of good plays on first down and second down but then we got to third down, they would bunch up a little bit and the whole line would pulling a lot, they all caused a little trouble coming up.  We made a lot of good plays, we played them real good the first half and then in the second half we had bad field position, we were on the 30 and 40 yard lines sometimes and it was really tough for us.  But third down killed us, there were so many third down conversions, probably like 29."

On Nebraska converting 7 of 12 third down conversions
"That shows you that we just couldn't get them off the field.  We put ourselves in great situations, we just couldn't get them off the field on the third down."

On the effect of losing Vince Montgomery in the fifth play
“Well it affected us a lot. That's the guy that usually makes all the play calling.  That's the one that the team's comfortable with, but (Chris) Bunch, he's a good quarterback as well, but (the injury) had us down a little bit.  But it really effected us a lot.  Bunch came in, he did a real good job and kept us going a little bit."

Quarterback Chris Bunch
On coming into the game a little earlier than last week
“I prepare myself to get ready for something like this, the starting quarterback going down.  I practice all week so that if something goes wrong, I have to go in and take over the offense, so that's what I tried to do today.  I tried to keep them in the game, let them know that Vince was down, but that I was trying to come up and back him up. Just keep the offense going."

On the speed of Nebraska compared to Southern Arkansas
"(Nebraska) They're fast.  That's all you can say, they're fast.  Our line did the best job they can do, but they were just too fast and big."

On the playing atmosphere
"First time, it was nice, it was nervous.  But after a few plays I got the nervousness out of me and I just started focusing on what I had to do."

Defensive Lineman Greg Casnave
On the Colonels defensive line pressure
“Well we got pressure, but at the same time we didn't do anything to get the job done.  But hopefully next week we'll come with a better mind set."

On the difference between Nebraska today and when he faced Nebraska with Southern Mississippi
"At Southern Miss they ran the option and stuff.  This time they were more balanced with passing and running."


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