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Brandon Jackson scored on a 49-yard touchdown catch and run on the opening play of the fourth quarter against Texas.
Brandon Jackson scored on a 49-yard touchdown catch and run on the opening play of the fourth quarter against Texas.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska vs. Texas
Postgame Quotes
Saturday, Oct. 21, 2006
Memorial Stadium

I-back Brandon Jackson
On the disappointment of losing to Texas in the last seconds
"We just let it slip away.  We had plenty of times to put it away, but we could not take advantage of it.  We just missed reads and holes, dropped a few passes and had a few fumbles."

On if this was the toughest loss he's experienced at Nebraska
It's definitely tough.  We feel that we had the game won and then we lost it.  But losing is hard no matter how it happens."

On the big plays that led to touchdowns
"Coach (Callahan) told us at halftime that we needed to pass to win the game.  We still kept it balanced, but we knew that we had to get the passing game going, and in the second half we did."

On staying together and using the loss as a positive
"We battled for four quarters and took it to the last seconds against a very good Texas team.  We did a lot of good things in this game and we just need to build on it."

Defensive End Jay Moore
On the frustration of causing five fumbles and only recovering one
"It's a sick feeling.  We made plays, but they just were always in the right place at the right time.  But that is football, sometimes luck can play a part of the game."

On the way the defense played and the outcome of the game
"We were playing really well.  We felt dominant, and we knew we could stop them.  But in the end we could not get the breaks.  It was like deja vu from the Texas Tech game last year."

On the performance of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy
"He's a great quarterback for how young he is.  He played really well and showed a lot of guts.  He'll be a good quarterback for the Longhorns for the next few years."

On the possibility of facing Texas in Big 12 Championship|
"After the game they were saying to us 'see you in K.C.'  They showed a lot of respect in the game, they didn't play dirty or make any cheap shots.  I would love to play these guys again."

On how Nebraska can move past the tough loss quickly
"We just have to watch film on Oklahoma State and worry about what they're going do.  You just have to put it behind you and focus on the next opponent."

Quarterback Zac Taylor
On the pass protection in the second half versus the first half
"We really didn't make any adjustments.  We were prepared for everything they threw at us.  In the first half we had a couple series where we were just out of sync.  It was nothing major, we just had a lack of communication on a couple drives and that is what hurt us."

On the play call on the last touchdown
"It was a great call.  We had ran the sweep a few times already and their secondary was over pursuing.  It is probably the best throw Marlon has ever had.  I thought for a second that he was going throw it up into the stands, but it obviously ended up okay."

On the crowd reaction when players were walking off field after the game
"It's not surprising to see that kind of support from Nebraska fans.  We knew that they were still proud of us.  We could lose every game and our fans would still sell out the stadium and support us."

Safety Andrew Shanle
On the mood in the locker room
"It’s pretty quiet. Everyone in there feels like we had the game, and we let it slip away. This was a must win for us just to keep the separation in the Big 12 North, but it doesn’t break our season at all."

On the close finish
"There are a lot of close ones. Whenever Texas comes up here, you’re not always going to get the wins on the final play. The teams played well on both sides of the ball. Texas and Nebraska played a great game."

On how special the game was
"You couldn’t ask for anything better with the snow coming down like it was. It’s something that everyone is going to remember. Looking back, the loss isn’t going to sting. It’s going to be the memories that we had a fun time doing it, and even though it didn’t end our way, we have a lot of things to build on and a lot of things to feel positive about."

On the crowd noise
"There were plays in there when I actually stopped and thought about that. My brother Scott told me that his Monday Night football game between Atlanta and New Orleans was the loudest game he’s ever heard, and I thought about that today. This is probably the loudest that I’ve ever heard (in Memorial Stadium). It was a great atmosphere. The fans were jumping around. It makes for a really great memory."

On stopping Texas’ passing game
"Our coaches did a great job. We broke down their formations, and they’re not that complex of an offense. We felt very confident going in to be able to match all of their routes. It just didn’t go our way."

On matching up well against Texas
"I think we did a great job representing the Big 12 North. We competed well with the south division leader, and we represented our division well. We were taking a lot of heat in the beginning of the year with being called the weak division, but we felt good about the way we played. It’s a disappointing loss, but hopefully we get to see them again if we take care of business down the road."

I-back Cody Glenn
On moving the ball against Texas
"It was basically just our basic game plan. We just opened it up a little more and put it on Zac’s (Taylor) shoulder a little more. We let him throw the ball and try to get some big plays and that’s what happened."

On failing to establish the run
"It’s always frustrating when you can’t get the running game going because the running game and the passing game go hand-in-hand."

On why the Huskers struggled to run against Texas
"It wasn’t so much what they were doing, as what we were doing. We missed a block here or there. We were always one person away from a breakaway every play."

Wide Receiver Nate Swift
On his touchdown catch
"We run 98 Bronco as a play all the time. It’s a sweep to the right, and usually I’m either cutting or trying to block that corner. On that play, I’m acting like I’m going to block and instead I cut right in and get over the top of that corner and safety, and Marlon (Lucky) just throws the ball at me. It was a perfect pass, a perfectly-timed play and it worked out great."

On the loss
"I don’t know if there’s any words to define it. Everyone is feeling pretty bad. No one wants to lose like that when you’ve got the win, and you lose it like that. There’s no one to blame. We’re a team, and hopefully we can get this team together in the Big 12 Championship game.


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