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A Letter to Nebraska Volleyball

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska fans have been enamored by the success and character displayed by the Nebraska Volleyball team this year. It looks like Thursday's loss in the Final Four didn't do much to lessen the opinion of the team from one Husker fan.

On Friday Director of Athletics Shawn Eichorst shared a letter he had recieved from "a dear friend" that expressed a lot of Nebraska fans' feelings towards the volleyball team this year.

Here's the letter in it's entirety.

For years you have given me (and so many others) incredible joy, not only because of the excitement of winning, but because of your development as a team, your trust in one another, and your commitment to what it means to proudly wear the red "N". I have watched this team and coaching staff evolve and blossom into something so remarkable that words cannot begin to describe what it looks like from the outside.  You all come from unique and special backgrounds, you have varying degrees of love and support from family and friends, but the one thing you have that no one else can provide is the love and support of one another - an undeniable testament to each of you as individuals, the spirit and heart within you, and how you express that as a team.  You bring such joy to so many people around the world that last night's loss is not a time to wallow in self-pity and disappointment - it is a time to celebrate.  A time to celebrate from where you have been to where you are now; a time to celebrate the accomplishments of your team; a time to celebrate your personal and professional growth; a time to celebrate your education; and, as importantly, a time to celebrate all that you have accomplished, and will continue to accomplish in your college careers, and for those graduating, what you will accomplish in your lives.

Each and everyone of you has been given a unique opportunity to be part of something very special.  You were selected and "hand-picked" to adorn the Scarlet and Cream.  You represented the Nebraska volleyball program with the utmost in dignity and respect for the game; you represented the University in a manner beyond the standards expected for anybody that wears the red "N"; you represented your teammates as a sisterhood that only you can truly define amongst and between yourselves; and, you represented yourselves, individually and collectively, with the grace and dignity that any parent, family member, friend, coach, fan, or casual observer should be in awe of.  I, for one, have learned so much from watching all of you that I cannot put into words the impact you have had on my life.

You are not only part of a legacy, you are part of what defines love, passion, compassion, loyalty and teamwork.  I know I am only one voice, but I am sure I speak for tens of thousands of Huskers everywhere when I say how proud I am of you, how incredibly inspired I am of you, and how much better of a person I have become because of the spirit you have stirred within me.  And, while the disappointment of not playing for another National Championship will likely linger for sometime to come, please don't let it haunt you or define you.  And, whatever you do, or however you channel your energy, please don't stop "chasing the feeling".  Life is full of disappointments and challenges, joy and excitement, and unexpected twists and turns, but, in the end, just hold on to those things which no one can ever take of away from you - your integrity, and the bond you have with one another that no one else will ever (or should they ever) understand and comprehend.

As frequently happens to me, I have been overcome with emotion.  You all mean so much to me. I am so proud of each and everyone of you.  It seems so trivial, but please let me thank you for giving me (and so many others) yet another reason to say, there is no place like Nebraska.  I love you all.


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