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Sept. 18
David Letterman Should Come to Lincoln Saturday 
Ball State isn't exactly a household name among college football fans, but I bet most of you know its most famous alum. He's a television producer, a philanthropist and an IRL IndyCar Series car owner.

If you're still scratching your head, here are two more clues, which should be dead giveaways. Ball State's most famous alum is an award-winning American comedian and late-night talk show host.

Still don't know? David Letterman is your man, and I see no reason why he can't do his Late Show on CBS on Friday night in New York, then hop on a plane for the Nebraska-Ball State football game that begins at 11:30 Saturday morning in Lincoln. Being the world-wide entertainment force he is, Letterman should be able to have his tan pants seated among the Sea of Red at Memorial Stadium for lunch and be back home in Indiana, or New York City, by supper.

If Will Ferrell, Keanu Reeves, Judge Clarence Thomas and Rush Limbaugh can come to Lincoln one weekend, why can't America's most beloved gap-toothed talk-show host stop in for a Runza, a slice of Valentino's pizza or even a Fairbury Brand hot dog while watching his favorite team take on the Big Red?

Doesn't he owe it to his alma mater? I mean if  Stephen King can follow Maine to Lincoln in 2005, David Letterman can follow Ball State to Memorial Stadium this weekend.

Last Friday, when Letterman visited Ball State to dedicate its new $21 million communication and media building, 3,000-plus people showed up. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels bestowed the state's highest civilian honor on Letterman, but Daniels didn't show up to present the award. Letterman got the last laugh on that one.

In the spirit of giving Letterman plenty of reasons to come to Lincoln, I asked a a couple of Late Show fans in the our media relations office, Jeff Griesch and Shamus McKnight, to throw together their Top 10 Reasons Why Letterman Should Come to Lincoln. They even let me get involved. We thought the result was good enough to submit to the Late Show with David Letterman web site and its Wahoo Gazette editor, Michael McIntee. The idea is to spur the folks at the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska, to encourage Letterman our way.


Send us your Top 10 Reasons Why David Letterman Should Come to Lincoln. If you don't have 10, send two or three. We'll post the best the Husker Nation has to offer right back here.

Respond to Randy with your comments.

Here's our Top 10. We'd like to hear yours.

Top 10 Reasons Why David Letterman
Should Come to Lincoln Saturday

10. Nebraska's Johnny Carson Theater is empty and air-conditioned on game days.

9. It's an opportunity to surprise hard-working employees with cookies at the Late Show home office in Wahoo.

8. Warren Buffett invited Regis in 2001  and he didn't show up. What the heck was he thinking? 

7. Andy Roddick digs the Huskers.

6. You won’t have to share the spotlight in Lincoln all the big celebrities came to town last week.

5. If you don’t come, Joba Chamberlain will inadvertently throw over your head.

4. You might make the front page of The Wahoo Gazette.

3. Nebraskans know where to find their governor on game day.

2. You can see a whole new world of "Stupid Pet Tricks" from Husker season ticket-holder "Larry the Cable Guy."

1. This is your once in a lifetime chance to fire Der Veiner Schlinger.

Courtesy Photo provided by CBS, 2006

Editor’s note
: Randy York is Chief Communications Officer for the University of Nebraska Athletic Department.

Respond to Randy
Randy...it is the Wahoo "Newspaper", not "Gazette". Your inclusion of "Gazette" can be taken as ridicule. For a very brief time, back in the fall of 1964...I was the sports editor of the Wahoo Gazette...otherwise, I likely wouldn't have picked up on this. - Gary Lukert
To clarify, The Wahoo Gazette is a section of the Late Show with David Letterman official web site. It has daily news on the front page of the Wahoo Gazette, relating to the Late Show. Our joke is simply, that Dave would need to come to Nebraska to make the front page of his own web site. Thanks for the information about the original Wahoo Gazette. To borrow a line from Nebraska's own Johnny Carson, "I did not know that!")

"And the No. 1 Reason to come to the Nebraska/Ball State football game...Runzas, Runzas, Runzas!" - Chris Dupsky, Omaha

"Gotta Love It!!!  We have been discussing the same thing at our house, will Letterman be coming to Lincoln for the Ball State game?  Thanks Randy for taking the time to write this article and the top 10 reasons were great.  Favorite is No. 1!!!" - Matt and Angela Elliott

"I can think of three reasons why David Letterman and his family should fly to Lincoln this weekend: 1) He can get his mom, who happens to be named Dorothy, one state closer to Kansas; 2) His mom would be a big hit talking to Nebraska fans Saturday morning on KFAB; and 3) His 4-year-old son, Harry, can actually go outside and play." - Tom Miller, Kansas City, Mo.

"I was a Sigma Chi at Nebraska, and David Letterman is one of our most famous brothers of all time.  Bet he was something at rush . . . Animal House with some class. As for a reason for him to come to Lincoln, the game-day traffic here has to be a lot more fun than it is in Muncie." - Gary, Colorado Springs, Colo.

"Since Letterman drops all kinds of objects off his Late Show building in New York to unsuspecting souls below, he should come to Lincoln just so he can borrow a Der Veiner Schlinger. That would give him a lot more range. Besides, who loves a hot dog more than a New Yorker?"  - Doug Thomas, Buffalo, N.Y.

"I have a perfectly good reason why Letterman should come to Lincoln. If he’s a football fan, he’ll still be able to say he’s never paid for view in his life. The rest of us working stiffs have to shell out $29.95 to watch the game."  - Bill, Omaha


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