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Sept. 26
Charlie McBride Unplugged: A Voluntary Viewpoint 
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Today is one of those days, so the N-sider is creating space for a real inside view – from former Nebraska Defensive Coordinator Charlie McBride.


McBride, who lives in Arizona, was interviewed this morning by Gary Sadlemyer on his “Good Morning Show” on 1110 KFAB, the flagship station of the Husker Radio Network.  


In the 10-minute interview, linked to KFAB's web site, Coach McBride discusses his experiences as a coach at Nebraska and remembers the trials and tribulations he and his players went through before they won three national championships in four years (1994, 1995 and 1997).


Now the self-described equipment manager for a flag football team for six-year-olds, McBride gives his thoughts on Nebraska’s defense and the criticism the coaches and players have received in the last two weeks.


He talks about the youth of Nebraska’s defense – the line in particular – and discusses the time it takes for young teams to come together. It is an enlightening interview, and I’m interested in hearing your comments after listening to what Charlie has to say.



Editor’s note: Randy York is Chief Communications Officer for the University of Nebraska Athletic Department.

The Voices of Husker Nation

"Just finished listening to that excellent interview with Charlie McBride! I found it most insightful.  We don't get a chance to see many Nebraska games here in the Bahamas, but I try to at least keep up with the scores "by any means necessary : ) " Coach McBride's observations in my view were right on. It will be interesting to see as the season goes on what kind of personality this year's defense and team will be known for." - Keith Greenwade, The Bahamas

"I appreciate Charlie McBride's insights. I do remember when fans were done on Charlie and even Tom Osborne. I never have understood fans of that nature. I love Nebraska football. I apologize to the team for the deplorable booing of some fans. Those who cheered loudly in the end get an A+. Parity is here in college football. A win is a win! Let the football players have fun again. I am over here in Iowa State country. Believe me they would be euphoric if they had Nebraska's team and record...We drive to every home game in Lincoln from Central Iowa because we LOVE the HUSKERS. Go Big Red!" - Ivette Bender

"I just wanted to say thanks for Randy's article on Coach McBride. I thought coach's insight on Nebraska's defense was wonderful. We have to be a bit patient and hope the leaders on that team step up." - Bill Waln

"First, I'd like to thank Coach McBride for all the great years at Nebraska. I'm an avid fan and can tell some of these young fans about Coach McBride's defenses. As he stated, things aren't always what they seem. This is a young defensive line. I know when we lost to Oklahoma in the 1970's seven straight times, I was calling for his head. Until 1978 when we beat the No. 1 team Oklahoma 17-14. Then I realized how hard it is to make a championship team. If the fans think it's easy , ask Coach Osborne. It took him from 1972 until 1994 to win a national championship. There were a lot of good tries but no cigar. And Coach Osborne was a great coach. I'm sure he'd be the first to tell you everything has to come together .We'll see how the season goes from here and then Coach Callahan and Coach Cosgrove can determine how to fix things. Fans just be patient and root for your team. Don't try to embarrass them. They're trying hard to please you." - Mike Combs


"Guys, the TampaBayHuskers alumni group, over 100 strong, support you unconditionally!  We're proud of our University and our Team and want you guys to know that. Go Big Red!" - Tony Gevo, Tampa, Fla.

"I just wanted to write to let our team know that we believe in them, and we think that if they work together as a team, we can take on the rest of the schedule head on. We can blame coaches, team members or whoever, but we need to just learn from what we did and didn't do right, and change our tactics and strive together...I love football. I love the Huskers and I believe in our team...Good luck this weekend! I will be in the north end zone area yelling my heart out! GO BIG RED! GO BLACKSHIRTS! BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES AND YOUR TEAMMATES! - Janet Babcock


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