Brooke Smith and the Huskers participated in the Outrigger Invitational on Friday in Hawaii.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Huskers Compete in Outrigger Invitational

By NU Athletic Communications

The Nebraska beach volleyball team took part in the Outrigger Invitational on Queen's Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii on Friday. The Huskers played three matches against top-10 teams on the beach.

In the first match, No. 7 Arizona defeated the Huskers 3-2. Olivia Boender and Annika Albrecht picked up a 21-14, 21-14 win in the No. 2 spot, and Lauren Stivrins and Kelly Hunter teamed up for an 18-21, 21-18, 15-9 win as the No. 3 pair. The Wildcats won the other three pairs in straight sets.

In the second match of the day, No. 1 USC defeated the Huskers 5-0 despite some close battles. Boender and Albrecht won their first set 21-13 and fell 15-11 in the third and deciding set of their match. Justine Wong-Orantes and Andie Malloy fell 15-21, 20-22 to USC's top pair, Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes. Stivrins and Hunter fell in two sets but competed well in both, scoring 17 and 19, respectively. 

Finally, No. 5 Hawaii posted a 5-0 win over the Huskers (1-4) with all five wins coming in straight sets. 

Nebraska will face Utah and Florida State on Saturday to finish the tournament.

No. 7 Arizona 3, Nebraska 2
1. Mckenna Witt/Madison Witt (UA) def. Justine Wong-Orantes/Andie Malloy (NU) 21-16, 21-17
2. Olivia Boender/Annika Albrecht (NU) def. Olivia Macdonald/Olivia Hallaran (UA) 21-14, 21-14
3. Lauren Stivrins/Kelly Hunter (NU) def. Mia Mason/Kendra Dahlke (UA) 18-21, 21-18, 15-9
4. Hailey Devlin/Sam Manley (UA) def. Tiani Reeves/Brooke Smith (NU) 21-7, 21-19
5. Halli Amaro/Brooke Burling (UA) def. Mikaela Foecke/Kenzie Maloney (NU) 21-19, 21-17
Order of finish: Doubles (2,4,1,5,3) 

No. 1 USC 5, Nebraska 0
1. Kelly Claes/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Justine Wong-Orantes/Andie Malloy (NU) 21-15, 22-20
2. Sophie Bukovec/Allie Wheeler (USC) def. Olivia Boender/Annika Albrecht (NU) 13-21, 21-14, 15-11
3. Nicolette Martin/Terese Cannon (USC) def. Lauren Stivrins/Kelly Hunter (NU) 21-17, 21-19
4. Joy Dennis/Abril Bustamante (USC) def. Mikaela Foecke/Kenzie Maloney (NU) 21-14, 21-12
5. Jenna Belton/Jo Kremer (USC) def. Brooke Smith/Sydney Townsend (NU) 21-11, 21-17
Order of finish: Doubles (4,5,3,1,2)

No. 5 Hawai'i 5, Nebraska 0
1. Morgan Martin/Mikayla Tucker (UH) def. Andie Malloy/Justine Wong-Orantes (NU) 21-18, 21-14
2. Ka'iwi Schucht/Nikki Taylor (UH) def. Annika Albrecht/Olivia Boender (NU) 21-13, 21-18
3. Laurel Weaver/Emily Maglio (UH) def. Kelly Hunter/Lauren Stivrins (NU) 21-8, 21-11
4. Carly Kan/Ari Homayun (UH) def. Mikaela Foecke/Kenzie Maloney (NU) 21-13, 21-14
5. Hannah Zalopany/Norene Iosia (UH) def. Sydney Townsend/Tiani Reeves (NU) 21-15, 21-11
Order of finish: Doubles (3,4,2,5,1)


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