2010 Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational Info

By NU Athletic Communications



Bob Devaney Sports Center Lincoln, Nebraska

February 5th and 6th, 2010


Meet Information



The field sizes of each event will be limited to the following per gender:

Pole Vault       20

High Jump       20

Triple Jump     24

Shot Put          24

Long Jump      24

Weight Throw 24

60m Hurdles   32

60m Dash        40

200m Dash      40

400m Dash      40

600y Run        15

800m Run       24

1000m Run     16

Mile                 30

3000m Run     30

5000m Run     20

DMR               12 teams

4x400m           16 teams


Minimum mesurements:

Long Jump:               Men 6.70m (21’-11 ”)                      Women 5.50m (18’- ”)

Triple Jump:              Men 14.00m (45’ 11 ”)                 Women 10.95m (35’ 11 ”)


  • The Meet Director reserves the right to initiate the use of minimum measurements in the throwing events if the field sizes deem it necessary. 


  • All races will be seeded as finals against time, with the exception of the 60m Dash, 60m Hurdles, 200m Dash and 400m Dash.  The number of preliminary heats will determine the qualification procedures to the finals per NCAA rules.
  • A consolation final will be run in the 60m Hurdles and the 60m, 200m and 400m Dashes.  Prelims and finals only.  There will be no semifinals in any event.
  • In the Mile, 800m 3000m and 4x400m relay the top marks will be put into the Special Invitational sections.
  • In the LJ, TJ, SP & WT, the top eight collegiate marks will proceed to the finals.  Plus any post-collegiate athletes, with the total in each final not to exceed twelve. 


  • For the 60m Dash and 60m Hurdles, lanes 1-8 will be used. 
  • For the 200m Dash, lanes 3-6 will be used.  Preferred lanes are:  5-6-4-3.
  • For the 400m Dash and 600y Run, lanes 2-6 will be used.  Preferred lanes are:  5-6-4-3-2. 

Team Scoring:

  • None

Entry Procedures:

  • Online only at ASPi Solutions.  The entry link will be emailed to each team.
  • Entries must be from the 2009 or 2010 INDOOR season and will not be accepted without proof of performance.
  • Each school will be expected to email or fax a copy of their 2009 and 2010 indoor performance list for proof of performance/performance verification.  Fax # is 402-472-9361.
  • Make sure to print out a hard copy of your records after you have declared.
  • You may begin processing entries on January 5th, 2010.  Final entries must be declared nolater than February 2nd, 2010 at 7:00pm CDT.
  • NCAA Rule:  Section 1.  Misconduct:  Misconduct is any act of dishonesty, unsportsmanlike conduct, unprofessional behavior or breach of law occurring at the locale of the competition or warm-up, that discredits the event or intercollegiate athletics.  Misconduct includes the intentional reporting of false marks for entry purposes.  Acts of misconduct are subject to reprimand or ejection by the referee or meet management. 


Entry Fees:

  • $15.00 per individual and/or relay, not to exceed $250 per team. 
  • Combined team entry fee not to exceed $500 for dual gender programs. 
  • Payment in full must be received prior to packet pick up on February 5th, 2010. 
  • You can mail money in advance, or pay in person day of.  Make checks payable to: Nebraska Track & Field. 

Packet Pickup:

  • Available prior to the meet in the Track Office during business hours, or day of the meet at the Meet Management Tower, northwest corner of the indoor track. 

Relay Cards:

  • Due 30 minutes before the start of the Relay turn them into the meet management tower, northwest corner of the indoor track arena. 


  • Track Athletes - check in 30 minutes prior to your event on the track.  Pick up your hip numbers at the table located along the north wall in Area 4.  Ten minutes prior to your event, report to the clerk of the course at the start area.
  • Field event athletes - report to the head event official 45 minutes prior to your event. 

Implement Certification:

  • All implements in both the Weight Throw and Shot Put will by checked-in by the Weights and Measures Certifying Official during the final call for each event. 
  • Please do not bring implements to the Inspection table before check-in. 
  • Coaches and athletes may use the infield equipment to “self-inspect” their implements prior to the first check-in of the day. 

Shower Facilities:

  • Available on the north side of the track in the upstairs locker rooms (which will have signs on the doors).  Please being your own towels. 

Facility Restrictions:

  • The use of ” pyramid spikes will be strictly enforced. 
  • No marking chalk will be allowed on track or runways. 
  • No hard shell 20# or 35# weights allowed.

Pre-Meet Warm-Up:

  • The track will be open for general warm up on Thursday, February 4th, from 6:00pm 9:00pm, on Friday, February 5th from 9:00am 3:00pm and on Saturday, February 6th from 7:00am to 10:00am.
  • On Friday, February 6th, the basketball concourse will be available for warm-ups.
  • On Saturday, February 7th, the basketball concourse WILL NOT be available for warm-ups, All warm-ups until will occur at the Hawks Championship Center.  Shuttle buses will be available for transport every 15 minutes to and from the Hawks Championship Center to the Indoor Track from 11:00am to 5:00pm.  The shuttles will depart from the northwest corner of the indoor track and the northeast corner of the Hawks Championship Center. 

Training Room:

  • Located at the north end of the track to the right of the concession stand.  Please refer to the track diagram and memo from the Nebraska Track & Field Trainer for additional information. 

Team Parking:

  • All team vans and buses park along the street on the north side of the Bob Devaney Sports Center.  No special parking pass is required. 

Results and POP forms:

  • Results and POP forms will be available in the press area as soon as possible after the meet is completed. 
  • Results will be posted during the meet in the track arena.  A formal copy of the results will be made available on our website at www.huskers.com. 

         Live results can be accessed during the meet at: http://www.huskers.com/fls/100/trackstats/10FSHI/index.htm 


Coaching boxes:

  • Coaching boxes will be clearly marked around the perimeter of the track for the field events. 
  • No athletes or coaches are allowed on the infield except those athletes competing in a field event that is in progress. 
  • Coaches for the pole vault events will be allowed on the infield during warm-ups.  Once the event begins, all coaches will be asked to exit the infield. 
  • Please be respectful of these requests in order to keep the infield a safe area for all competing athletes. 


  • Awards will be presented to the top three collegiate place winners in each event.
  • An award will be presented to the Most Oustanding Performance for both men and women in the meet.


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