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Game 2—Coastal Carolina vs. Southwest Missouri State
Post-Game Quotes
Coastal Carolina Coach Garry Gilmore 
Opening Statement
“Justin getting hit by the ball wasn’t the turning point of the game. We just had one bad inning, we tried a move that didn’t work. These kids have been doing a great job for us all year and today it didn’t go their way. Our top five hitters got one hit today. You have to give Southwest Missouri credit. Every time we scored, they scored. That’s a sign of a great team.” 

On Soutwest Missouri State’s Pitching Staff
“Their relievers did a great job today. It’s one of the best staffs we have seen all year and that’s why they win. They have regional type pitching.” 

On SMS Centerfielder Dant’e Brinkley
“We knew that he wasn’t a power hitter but we knew that he was a great player. In this atmosphere with the wind blowing out everybody in the lineup can hit for power. He did a great job today. I have to tip my hat to him.” 

Pitcher Justin Sturge
On Getting Hit by a Line drive
“I wouldn’t say it affected me too much. It hurt pretty bad at first, but as the game went on it became pretty numb. My leg got a little tight as the game went on, but I would never blame my pitching because of getting hit by a ball.” 

Southwest Missouri State Coach Keith Guttin
Opening statement
“I thought it was a pretty good all-around performance. We got some big hits obviously—two of Dant’e’s. Chad (Mulholland) wasn’t as sharp as he has been in the past, but our relief pitchers did a great job.” 

On big plays in game
“I thought the big play was when we were able to execute the double play—strike them out, throw them out at second base. Then we were able to come back the next inning and get four runs. That was a huge momentum swing.” 

On Nebraska’s victory on Friday
“I saw the game and they are a fine team.” 

Outfielder Dant’e Brinkley
“Early on in the game it was kind of tough to see with the sun and the shadows coming down over the top of the backstop, but late in the game you could start to see the ball a little better, so I just went up there swinging. My first at-bat, I’m just trying to get on base. Late in the game I’m trying to hit the ball hard, trying to drive it. That is kind of my mind-set.” 

On coming from behind
“Most great teams can come back from behind. We consider ourselves one of those good teams that can get down a couple runs and come back. We have hitters that can get on base and guys that can drive them in. We don’t get too antsy about getting behind.” 

Shortstop/Relief Pitcher Shaun Marcum
On the importance of winning regional opener
“It is very important. We had confidence coming in and knew we had a good chance to do it. Of course, having Dant’e hit two home runs helped. I’m looking forward to playing Nebraska tomorrow. We wanted to play them last year the second day, but didn’t get the chance, and we had to play them in the championship and beat them twice and they handed it to us. We are going to come out tomorrow and play like we are capable of playing, play hard and leave it all on the field.”


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