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Game 4—Nebraska vs. Southwest Missouri State
Post-Game Quotes
Nebraska Coach Mike Anderson
Opening Statement
“We set out today to take a disciplined approach, to get ahead in the count and get some runs early. We wanted to put pressure on them and to have a good two-strike approach. We didn’t accomplish our goals offensively. I was very disappointed with our offensive production today, and I let the guys know that. I thought that Aaron pitched well enough to win the game, he did a great job containing them. We had our opportunities, we had a lot of opportunities but we didn’t get it done. We focus on each game and here we go.”

On taking it one game at a time
“We said it twice today, you have to take it one game at a time. If you don’t, you give yourself no opportunity. We’d love to be getting ready to play at 1 o’clock tomorrow, but there is only one way to do that and that is to win tonight.” 

Nebraska Pitcher Aaron Marsden
On his performance
“I got out-pitched today, you have to give them credit. When I made a mistake they hit it, and a couple times I made a good pitch, they hit that, too. I thought that I had my good stuff, but it took a while to settle in. I put too much pressure on our offense to score.”

Jeff Leise
On NU’s offensive production
“There were times when we had first and third with no outs. That’s a situation that you want to be in, but we failed to get the job done. We have to forget about our last game and regroup and take care of business.” 

Southwest Missouri State Coach Keith Guttin
“I thought it was a very well-played game. Brad (Ziegler) kept us right there, and Shaun finished it off. We had some clutch hits, we made some big plays, and I was very pleased with our effort and execution.” 

On pickoff the play in seventh inning
“It was big. We were able to keep some momentum at that time. It was a very large play.” 

On the pitching performance of Ziegler and Marcum
“Shaun was ready. Our intent was to let Brad go another inning, but as he said he was starting to stiffen up and his pitches were starting to get up in the zone. We thought it was the right time, and Shaun was able to go down and warm up the previous inning, so he was ready.” 

Shortstop/Reliever Shaun Marcum
“This win helps a lot. We can save our pitching for tomorrow. We don’t have to go out and use two, three, four pitchers tonight just to get to tomorrow. We can relax, it is one less game we have to play right now, and we can just come out tomorrow and focus on that.

On getting out of the seventh-inning jam

“I just wanted to throw strikes and let the defense play. I threw two good pitches and luckily, they didn’t capitalize on it. I just wanted to throw strikes, stay after it and stay aggressive.” 

Starting Pitcher Brad Ziegler
On getting hit by the line drive
“I got hit right next to my knee, but it was mostly muscle so it shouldn’t be a big problem. As the game went on it got a little stiffer, and toward the end I was having trouble bending my leg. When I was leaning, I was leaning kind of stiff-legged and consequently I was leaving the ball up a little more. Their hitters did a good job of capitalizing on it when I made a mistake and it gave them a chance to score.” 

“For me to be successful I have to use my defense. We were tremendous today behind me and that makes it a lot easier when you have faith in the defense to make all the plays. You just throw strikes and hopefully they’ll hit the ball on the ground. Our defense made plays all day, especially in the late innings when Shaun was on the mound.” 

Outfielder Dant’e Brinkley
On having the driver’s seat in regional
“We don’t want to be too comfortable. In a situation like that, you don’t want to be so comfortable that you really don’t focus on the first game. So we are going to take the approach that we are going to come out with the same intensity, play hard and leave it on the field in the first game and worry about the second game if we need to after the first game.”


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