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Nebraska Coaches and Players
Head Coach Mike Anderson
Opening Statement
The last three days of practice have been good. We’re thrilled about the workouts.  They were upbeat and positive. Tuesday we started out a little slow and that was disappointing, but since then it has been outstanding. We’re thrilled to host this regional and think we have three quality opponents in Coastal Carolina, Southwest Missouri State and Eastern Michigan. Our focus has been only on Eastern Michigan. I can tell you we have not looked past them. They are a quality team and at this point, to win b
aseball games you have to respect your opponent and go out and play good, fundamental baseball.

I’m extremely encouraged about Curtis Ledbetter. He is going to start (Friday), but we are still deciding whether it will be at designated hitter or left field. Tuesday, he swung the bat for the first time, and it was a lot better than I expected to see in terms of his movement. Yesterday was great and today was even better. I wouldn’t say he’s 100 percent, but I asked Curtis today, and he said he’s 90 to 95 percent ready to play.

Outfielder Jeff Leise
Playing at Hawks Field
Playing here is not easy for an opponent, especially when they haven’t been around this type of atmosphere before. Southwest was here last year, so they probably know what they are getting into, but as far as the other teams, they probably haven’t played in this type of ballpark with these types of teams. We’re excited to have the fans come out, and we’re going to go out and get all over Eastern Michigan.

How has the season been after returning after the draft
It’s been awesome all year. We’ve had a lot of success here. All year has been fun and we’re still playing. We’re one of 64 teams alive right now. We’re right where we want to be, playing at home. We’re playing good right now so we’re ready to go.

First Baseman Matt Hopper
Expectations of this weekend
I think it’s going to be one of those weekends where offense will play an outcome in the games. You have to take every at bat as a new at bat. Last weekend is over. It’s time to move on. It’s postseason. We have to score runs and be ready to go early and often.

Can the home crowd affect opposing teams?
I think it can. The crowd can affect the opposing pitcher because the crowd is in it every pitch, screaming and cheering. It can be the first inning, second pitch of the game and they’re already all over (opposing pitchers). And we know how our ballpark plays and how to score runs in our park.

Left-Handed Pitcher Aaron Marsden
On Friday’s starter Quinton Robertson
I have enormous confidence in Quinton Robertson. He was just named first-team all-conference. He’s been pitching unbelievable the last I-don’t-know-how-many starts. He’s going to go in and give us the chance to win and that’s all you can ask for. I’ll go in there Saturday and hopefully give the team a chance to win.

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