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Eastern Michigan Coaches and Players
Head Coach Roger Coryell
“We’re really excited to be here.  They have a great facility in Nebraska, and the hospitality is super.  We’re being treated wonderfully, and our players are excited to get onto the field tomorrow.  I love the facility. I’d like to take it home with me.  We can only imagine playing in front of 6,000 people.  I think it will help bring out the excitement of the game and the passion our players have for playing.  It should be great for our players.

On the season
“We started off really well in our early season trips.  We played Florida Atlantic, which is on of the top teams in the country.  We’ve had some games where we didn’t play well.  There were injuries and distractions that kept us from hitting 40 wins, which I think we’re capable of.  The biggest distraction we’ve had since we’ve been here, that carries over from the MAC Tournament, is we can’t find the batters box key.  Once we find that key, we’ll really be hot.  Our hitters are starting to come around and starting to get healthy.  The pitching is coming on strong.  We’re excited, and we have some confidence.  We know that Nebraska and all of the other teams here  in this regional are outstanding.  We’re just excited to get onto the field and gain some respect. That’s the name of the game right now for Eastern Michigan.  We’re probably not a national power, but we have a great group of players with a great passion for the game, and I think you’ll see some exciting things on the field tomorrow.” 

Ryan Goleski
On Hawks Field
“It looks like a mini-major league ballpark.  We’ve all strived to reach this level, and now that we’re here, we’re expecting a great performance.”

“I don’t think any game is a small task, especially when you’re at the playoffs. We’re in a situation we haven’t been in, in many years.  We’re going to take every game like it’s the biggest one of our season, because it will be.  It will be important for us to come out and put a team down, a ranked team like Nebraska, it will definitely give us more confidence. It will also prove to others why we’re in this situation, we’ve earned it.”

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