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Coastal Carolina Coaches and Players
Head Coach Gary Gilmore
Opening Statement
“We’re very happy to be here in such wonderful setting. We’ve heard such tremendous things from other coaches who have participated out here and played in the Super Regionals.  I’m good friends with the University of Richmond coach, and he had unbelievably kind things about the fans and the way things are run. So, we’re really happy to be here.”

On playing Southwest Missouri State
“I know they’re a handful, and they’ve got great arms.  They play similar to the way we play, so it will be very interesting game  We should have a little bit of a chess match here. It’s been my experience that in this part of the country the ball tends to fly a little bit more than in our part of the country where the air is a little bit heavier and humid. It will be interesting to see how we adjust to that type of  ball.”

On traveling
“Being at a small school, pretty much any time we take on a big schools it’s in the road.  We’re used to the trave. I think our older players that have been here for two or three years are able to relax and focus on the game.  They’re not so much in awe of their surroundings like they probably were their first go around.  Hopefully we can focus on our opponent and play some good solid baseball.”

On the starting pitcher
“Justin (Sturge)  should start tomorrow. He’s been our number one guy for the majority of the year.  He went through a spell where he had to take a couple of weekends and throw some short outings for us. He’s been a little tender, but the last couple of outings have been outstanding. He’s our leader of the pitching staff.  He’s the guy that should be able to walk out there tomorrow and give us a win.”

Brandon Powell
On the feeling entering the game
“We’ve played at Georgia and Georgia Tech which I think has about the same kind of atmosphere.  The young players may enter a little nervous, but the older players they should be able to relax after the first inning. I think we all have a few butterflies because we’re playing in the regionals, but for the most part we pretty relaxed.”

Justin Sturge
On seeing Rosenblatt Stadium
“Everyone was really excited to see the stadium.  Over the past couple of years, we’ve only been a few wins away from actually being in the position to get to Omaha. It was a great chance to see where we could possibly be in the future.”

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