Black Squirrel Timing - Contractor License 
              2013 Holiday Inn Invitational - 1/11/2013 to 1/12/2013               
                             Indoor Track & Field Meet                             
                               Devaney Sports Center                               
Event 14  Women Long Jump Seeded
 3 PRELIM JUMPS, TOP 8 COLLEGIANS + UNATTACHED                                     
 TO FINALS.  3 JUMPS IN FINALS.                                                    
     Devaney: S 6.63m  2/7/1997    Trecia Smith, Pittsburgh                        
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals           
  1 Heck, Kari                   Nebraska               6.26m      5.70m   18-08.50
      FOUL  FOUL  5.58m  5.69m  5.70m  5.68m                                       
  2 Weigandt, Anna               Nebraska               5.74m      5.51m   18-01.00
      5.51m  FOUL  5.39m  5.32m  FOUL  5.30m                                       
  3 Martin, Anne                 Nebraska               5.76m      5.49m   18-00.25
      5.36m  5.41m  5.02m  5.33m  5.44m  5.49m                                     
  4 Mostoller, Kara              Nebraska               5.83m      5.43m   17-09.75
      5.43m  FOUL  4.03m  FOUL  5.37m  FOUL                                        
  5 Malone, Maggie               Unattached             5.78m      5.35m   17-06.75
      5.28m  5.35m  5.22m  FOUL  5.07m  5.13m                                      
  6 Ewere, Ellie                 Nebraska               5.66m      5.33m   17-06.00
      5.29m  5.25m  5.33m  5.12m  5.18m  5.29m                                     
  7 Avant, Kamara                Iowa Western                      5.27m   17-03.50
      5.11m  5.08m  5.27m  5.00m  4.95m  5.11m                                     
  8 Agwunobi, Chioma             Cloud                  5.84m     J5.27m   17-03.50
      5.27m  FOUL  FOUL  4.81m  FOUL  PASS                                         
  9 Mann, Jenna                  Wyoming                5.53m      5.17m   16-11.50
      5.17m  5.16m  4.96m  FOUL  FOUL  4.98m                                       
 10 Stiens, Jordan               Nebraska               5.72m      5.15m   16-10.75
      FOUL  5.15m  FOUL                                                            
 11 Doffeny, Jourdan             Nebraska               5.60m      5.13m   16-10.00
      5.02m  5.13m  5.06m                                                          
 -- Andrie, Paula                Nebraska               5.50m        SCR