Black Squirrel Timing - Contractor License 
              2013 Holiday Inn Invitational - 1/11/2013 to 1/12/2013               
                             Indoor Track & Field Meet                             
                               Devaney Sports Center                               
Event 43  Men Weight Throw Seeded
 2 FLIGHTS                                                                         
 3 THROWS IN PRELIMS.  TOP 8 COLLIEGIANS + UNATTACHED                              
 TO FINAL.  3 FINAL THROWS.                                                        
     Devaney: S 23.74m  2/22/2002   Scott Russell, Kansas                          
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals           
  1 Lindsley, Zack               Doane College         18.00m     18.15m   59-06.75
      18.09m  17.30m  18.15m  17.84m  FOUL  17.95m                                 
  2 Sybrant, Dalton              Wyoming               18.35m     17.23m   56-06.50
      17.23m  17.03m  FOUL  FOUL  16.29m  16.67m                                   
  3 Belt, Jason                  Unattached            18.01m     17.12m   56-02.00
      16.10m  FOUL  15.98m  FOUL  17.12m  16.77m                                   
  4 Sparks, Mark                 Wyoming               18.53m     17.08m   56-00.50
      17.08m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  16.37m                                       
  5 Glidden, Kyle                Nebraska-Kearney      17.80m     16.94m   55-07.00
      FOUL  16.28m  16.21m  16.94m                                                 
  6 Griess, Jacob                Nebraska              16.41m     16.75m   54-11.50
      16.75m  15.21m  15.26m  FOUL  16.11m                                         
  7 Smith, Darin                 Doane College         16.50m     16.25m   53-03.75
      16.25m  15.46m  15.85m  15.37m  FOUL  15.53m                                 
  8 Ingram, Cole                 Nebraska              16.63m     16.21m   53-02.25
      16.21m  15.81m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  15.58m                                     
  9 Thalken, Michael             Nebraska-Kearney      16.47m     15.56m   51-00.75
      14.33m  15.56m  15.25m  15.10m                                               
 10 Kinney, Robert               Iowa Western          14.80m     14.03m   46-00.50
      14.03m  FOUL  FOUL                                                           
 11 Pinion, Jake                 Unattached            15.50m     13.91m   45-07.75
      13.91m  FOUL  FOUL                                                           
 12 Tangeman, Nick               Iowa Western          14.29m     13.68m   44-10.75
      13.68m  FOUL  13.51m                                                         
 13 Miller, Issac                Cloud Men                        13.53m   44-04.75
      12.93m  13.53m  FOUL                                                         
 14 Tuck, Wes                    Barton County C.C.    14.36m     13.45m   44-01.50
      12.99m  13.35m  13.45m                                                       
 15 Webber, Dakota               Cloud Men                        13.24m   43-05.25
      FOUL  13.24m  FOUL                                                           
 16 Simmons, David               Barton County C.C.               12.20m   40-00.50
      12.20m  FOUL  FOUL