Black Squirrel Timing - Contractor License 
              2013 Holiday Inn Invitational - 1/11/2013 to 1/12/2013               
                             Indoor Track & Field Meet                             
                               Devaney Sports Center                               
Event 44  Men Long Jump Seeded
 1 SEEDED FLIGHT                                                                   
 3 JUMPS IN FINALS                                                                 
     Devaney: S 8.33m  2/5/1994    Erick Walder, Arkansas                          
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals           
  1 Leitis, Janis                Nebraska               7.98m      7.61m   24-11.75
      7.53m  FOUL  FOUL  7.61m  FOUL  FOUL                                         
  2 Raedler, Patrick             Nebraska               7.81m      7.57m   24-10.00
      7.26m  7.41m  7.29m  7.42m  7.36m  7.57m                                     
  3 Phipps, Chris                Unattached             7.60m      7.34m   24-01.00
      7.07m  7.15m  FOUL  7.03m  7.34m  7.34m                                      
  4 Leonce, Lenyn                Wyoming                7.32m      7.19m   23-07.25
      FOUL  7.19m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                          
  5 Pankins, Nikita              Nebraska               7.60m      7.17m   23-06.25
      6.94m  7.12m  7.11m  7.04m  7.17m  7.03m                                     
  6 Clerveaux, Marc              Iowa Western           7.50m      7.04m   23-01.25
      6.86m  7.04m  5.40m  FOUL  PASS  PASS                                        
  7 Wiedel, Seth                 Nebraska               7.60m      7.00m   22-11.75
      6.72m  6.90m  6.68m  FOUL  FOUL  7.00m                                       
  8 Ayi, Nii                     Unattached             7.50m      6.90m   22-07.75
      6.88m  6.90m  FOUL  6.69m  5.05m  FOUL                                       
  9 Boston, Rolyce               Iowa Western           7.41m      6.86m   22-06.25
      5.62m  6.86m  FOUL  FOUL  6.60m  FOUL                                        
 10 Lampkin, Teddy               Nebraska               7.43m      6.84m   22-05.25
      6.84m  FOUL  6.48m  6.73m  6.74m  6.55m                                      
 11 Westerfield, Jerry           Iowa Central                      6.78m   22-03.00
      6.78m  FOUL  6.60m                                                           
 -- Carter, Bobby                Nebraska               7.83m        DNS