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In order to process the promotional activity waiver request in a timely manner and not jeopardize a student-athlete’s eligibility status, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln reserves the right to deny any and all requests not submitted three weeks prior to the activity date. Also, in the interest of University of Nebraska-Lincoln student-athlete’s academic and athletic commitments, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln reserves the right to deny any and all requests for activities that do not occur within a 60 mile radius of Lincoln, Nebraska, or those requested during the first two and last two weeks of each semester. Requests will be accepted during the summer months, but are often difficult to accommodate due to the time committed for accelerated class loads with extended meeting times, along with student-athletes’ summer employment, internships, and workouts. Per NCAA bylaw and · University of Nebraska-Lincoln student-athletes are only permitted to participate in educational/charitable/non-profit activities that meet ALL of the requirements stated in the bylaws · The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Athletics Department is required to submit written approval from the Director of Athletics or designee for all student-athletes participating in any non-profit, charitable, or educational activities considered incidental to participation in intercollegiate athletics. · The sponsoring agency requesting the use of the student-athlete’s name, picture, or appearance must complete all necessary information regarding the activity on the waiver request form, including submitting proof of 501(c)(3) status if a charitable/non-profit agency. · The student-athlete cannot miss class and must sign a release statement prior to the activity. Please note that due to new NCAA time demands legislation there will be restrictions and limited availability for student-athlete participation.

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new question bullet- Is the activity taking place at a commercial establishment that is also directly or indirectly involved in promoting the activity? If yes, please detail the involvement of the commercial establishment:
new question bullet- What is the purpose of this activity?
new question bullet- Please describe the duties of the student-athletes.
new question bullet- Will money be raised from this activity? If yes, will all monies derived from the activity go directly to the educational, charitable, or non-profit agency? Please describe what the proceeds will be used for.
new question bullet- What will be the audience size and the ages included in the audience? If high school-aged individuals are included in the activity, please describe their involvement.
new question bullet- Does the activity involve co-sponsorship, advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency other than through the reproduction of the sponsoring company's officially registered regular trademark or logo? (Personal names, messages and slogans are prohibited) If yes, please detail which agency/agencies and describe how they are involved.
new question bullet- Will the student-athlete's name, picture, or personal appearance be used in any announcement, advertising/promotion of the activity? If yes, please describe how.
new question bullet- Describe any and all advertisements or promotions used for this activity. Please email the advertisement(s) to the following address:
new question bullet- Will items that include the name, image, or likeness of a student-athlete or multiple student-athletes be sold at the event?
new question bullet- Will the student-athlete receive any expenses such as meals, transportation or a nominal gift associated with the event? If yes, please describe any expenses received by the student-athlete (the student-athlete may only accept actual and necessary expenses related to participation).
By clicking the Submit button below, this is your electronic signature. By clicking Submit, this means: (1) I am an authorized representative of the agency making the request above; (2) The activity I am making a request for meets all NCAA Requirements listed above; and (3) The names, images, and appearance of all University of Nebraska student-athletes attending the activity will be used in a manner consistent with the NCAA Requirements listed above.